Class Rules, disclaimer
I know, I one likes "Rules" but for the benifit of the general public I do have some "strong suggestions" to make a painting experience a good one for everyone.
Be on time for the class. It is very important for most classes, but especially the Oil painting classes. These classes are taught “Step by Step” and start on time. If a student is even 10 minuets late, it disrupts the class and is not fair to those that are on time.

Depending on the class, if you are late 15 minuets or more, you will not be let into that class, and you have forfeited your deposit. Best is to be a few minuets early!

If you paid for a class, but changed your mind and want it done on another date….and we make a special date for that class, making sure it was okay with you, and you again cannot make it….you forfeit your deposit.

Many students paint to “get away” from children and have a quiet, adult class. Please leave your children (and pets) at home. This is an Art Studio and thus has many items in it that are not for children especially under the age of 6.

In some adult classes there may be Artists as young as 10 years old….but these Artists, are allowed into these adult classes because  the quality of their previous work has been proven.

We are not responsible or liable in any way for anyone having a reaction to any products, or any type of injuries while here. Pregnant woman may paint as we use Alexander paints which are non-toxic for most of our classes. We are not responsible for lost or stolen products.  Rule of thumb: PAINT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

When you send children to a Kids Class, please pick them up on time. We are not a babysitting service but will charge $25 per child for every extra hour they are here after the class has ended.

Talk in the class is to remain pleasant…no discussions on politics, religion, etc., or depressing news items. We all are here to have a very positive uplifting experience, to feel good… happy painters. and leave all the troubles of the world outside of the Studio

Thank you, Donna and staff

As of January 1, 2007